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Friday, November 7, 2008

In the News - Former Destin Diner

Denny's coming to Destin, Florida. Fraser Sherman of the theDestinLog.com talks about proposed plans for the former Destin Diner. Though we wonder why Denny's isn't revamping the existing stainless diner as a Denny's Classic Diner location. The article reports a larger structure will replace the existing diner.

From the picture in the article, the Destin looks to be of the DinerMite/Starlite variety and built around 1992.

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Destin Diner
1083 Highway 98 E.
Destin, FL
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mike,  November 7, 2008 at 6:47 PM  

I wondered the same thing too about not saving the diner itself.

This comment made me wonder if this was in fact a DinerMite and not the Starlite that Denny's used. It does look like a very simple looking diner and not a typical Starlite. Though being a 1992 model, that would make it a very early Starlite, similar to maybe Don's of Traverse City in Novi, MI.
On a side note, the only diner in Destin I have listed is the Sand Dollar Diner at 10916 US Rt 98
which seems not to match Destin Diner's address.

Anonymous November 8, 2008 at 9:29 AM  

It wasn't clear from the pictures found online and we didn't have record of this diner either. The first picture in the article shows the number "1083" on the vestibule. flickr pro Autumn84 has pictures of the diner. A vestibule shot shows the logo and pink, turquoise, and purple neon tubes along the roof line. This picture looks like the end window has a rounded out most edge. Her interior picture shows the ceiling tiles which look like Formica. Usually these diners have the pressed tin ceiling panels.

Jay Levin has some pictures of Don's. Below the windows on Don's it looks like tile was used on the exterior. Dinercity lists Don's as a Starlite 1994.

Jack's Diner page lists the Sand Dollar as being a 1999 Starlite.

Another diner showed up in the "Destin Diner" flickr search. Though it's the All American Diner in Panama City.

Perhaps our readers can provide more info about the Destin Diner?

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