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Monday, July 14, 2008

Thru-Way Diner - New Rochelle, NY

Last November we read Ken Valenti's reports in The Journal News regarding this diner's future. After more than fifty years, it would soon be time to turn the lights off and lock the doors.

Our photographers drove to the Thru-Way, an early 1990's postmodern diner, for what could be our last chance to see this standing.Upon arrival they noted the diner was open and had a good flow of customers. A sign posted on the railing in front of the diner announced an upcoming planning council public hearing to discuss the proposed changes. Although members of the community objected, a signed contract was already in place. It was then only a matter of time before it closed.

Six months later while on assignment in the area they made another visit and found the diner still open. We found out the diner would close the end of June.

The diner remained open another two weeks past the June deadline. Ken Valenti wrote today that the Thru-Way diner closed yesterday. The building's future is uncertain as the land has been leased for another chain drugstore. The closing of this diner represents both a loss for the community and diner aficionados alike.

We read that the Thru-Way was the first of its design for DeRaffele Manufacturing Company Inc. About two dozen similarly styled diners were built after it. The Royal Coach in the Bronx is another one. We would like to know if there are more diners like the Thru-Way and Royal Coach remaining and where they are located.

For more pictures of diners, we invite you to visit our flickr photostream here.

Royal Coach
13260 Boston Rd.
Bronx, NY
View Map

Thru-way Diner-Restaurant
810 Main St.
New Rochelle, NY
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